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          A Farewell to NOAA in the Carolinas

NOAA in the Carolinas, a grassroots OneNOAA effort that worked across agency lines and disciplines to enhance NOAA's value to and impact on the region, is ceasing its formal operations. Since its inception as NOAA in North Carolina in 2004, and its expansion to NOAA in the Carolinas in 2005, collaborative efforts have resulted in a number of achievements, including:

  • Expansion of rip current awareness through the "Break the Grip of the Rip" campaign;
  • Development of the Carolinas Coast web portal;
  • Celebration of NOAA's 200th anniversary through outreach and education efforts, including:
    • Reaching hundreds of students through EstuaryLive;
    • Participation in the Hurricane Hunter Aircraft visits to North Carolina and South Carolina; and,
    • Participation in Earth Day activities in both states.
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